In the last five years CCTV technology has evolved at pace. Old analogue technology is and more or less has been replaced by new IP ( internet protocol ), HD CCTV technology. Webster Security & Fire have embraced this change and have an understanding of its design, utilisation and implementation. You can therefore have the confidence that in contacting ourselves you will receive design advice based on current technology

Interestingly although the quality of CCTV technology has greatly improved in many cases it has become more affordable.

Whereas CCTV was previously looked upon as a commercial application or affordable to the rich and famous many homes are now looking to install CCTV to give householders that added piece of mind and greater visible security presence.

Whether it be your home or business Webster Security & Fire will sit with you and establish:

  • The areas that you wish to or should monitor. This may be for security, health and safety or management process purposes
  • The nature and quality of camera required to provide the view and recording you wish to achieve. For example should the camera have infra red capability ( where associated lighting is poor ), what megapixel specification is required, should the camera be vandal resistant?
  • Is fixed camera technology best suited or would a camera with full pan, tilt and zoom operation of up to 360 degrees be advantageous?
  • Should your system sit upon your existing network infrastructure or sit on its own network?
  • What quality of recording do you wish to achieve and for how long do you wish to retain images. Where and how will these images be stored?
  • Do you wish to view your CCTV system remotely from tablet, PC or handheld?

If you have an older analogue CCTV system in-situ we can design a system that will migrate you to the latest technology utilising some of the system components that are available. Cost effective solution.

Webster Security & Fire have extensive experience in the design, installation and servicing of the latest CCTV technology taking into consideration Data Protection requirements, lighting etc and advising you accordingly.