Access control

Access control systems have been with the security industry for a number of years but have really evolved and become more prevalent in the last 20 years.

With the design and installation experience throughout this evolutionary period Webster Security & Fire are again in the position to work with you to provide best advice on the design, installation and ongoing professional service of an Access Control System to ensure the flow of authorised personnel into specific areas through specific doors

The point when you come to choosing an access control system is when you will realise just how many options are available to you. Webster Security & Fire are familiar with the systems at the forefront of Access Control technology. Paxton, Videx, PAC, BPT to name a few.

Whether a block of flats, an office or a school. We will sit with you and discuss the entrances you wish to control and advise on the best way forward. This may be one or a combination of the following:

Audio entry: allowing communication with specified doors or gates/barriers and automated entry when authorised.

Video/Audio Access Control Systems: allowing communication with specified doors or gates/barriers whilst looking at the caller on a small attractive monitor. These systems are now very popular in quality homes as well as commercial properties.

Both audio and video entry can be established from a remote location where cable connectivity is a problem by utilising 3 and 4G mobile phone technology or utilising customers IP network.

As far as authorised control through selected entrances is concerned this can be established by:

Stand Alone Access: Controllers are not networked. Entrance is is established by presentation of a code, swipe card or proximity card or key fob. Although not connected to one another the system can still be designed so that individual access is granted through all or selected doors.

Networked Access: Controllers are networked. Entrance reading technology is the same as stand alone but different reading technologies may be installed in different areas and bio-metric finger tip technology may now often be incorporated.

The system is linked to a PC or PC’s via an installed network or utilisation of the clients IP network. From the PC the system is managed and all sorts of security pass levels and management information can be controlled.

Whichever controlled entrance technology is adopted it is imperative that the best and most secure means of securely holding and releasing the door is adopted.Webster Security & Fire will consider fire authority requirement as well as security to adopt secure methods of entry and safe methods of exit. Where required we will work with clients contractors to ensure correct ironmongery is utilised.