Fire systems

Quality design, installation and ongoing maintenance of your Fire System is critical.

Fire alarms are installed to save property and more importantly life. Their purposes is to ensure that fire is detected as early as possible to ensure early activation of property and in the majority of cases notification to Fire Emergency Services via our Alarm Receiving Centre ( ARC ).


The level of protection is often dictated by Building Authorities and/or Fire Authorities to specific standards. This is where it is critical that you engage with a Fire System designer that knows current regulations, design criteria and the best detection, control and signalling equipment available. That’s where Webster Security & Fire step in. A designer will meet with you, design a system either by survey of an existing property or from professional design drawings. A quote will be presented and when accepted a professional fire alarm install and commissioning taken place.


You may have an existing system that does not provide you with property and life cover you are comfortable with? If this is the case then we invite you to contact us.


We look forward to meeting with you. Welcome to Webster Security & Fire Systems, Fire Design, Install and ongoing Maintenance service.