Intruder alarms

Having started his career in intruder alarm systems from school, Webster Security & Fire founder Niall Webster has years of experience in the design and engineering of intruder alarms and the levels of service expected by customers. This experience is shared with the rest of the team so that the customer can rest assured they are receiving best advice, quality installation and ongoing service.

Whether your needs are within your home or business the design components of your intruder alarm are the same. Control, detection and signalling. When invited to work with you we will establish how you wish to control and operate your system, the layout, level and method of intrusion detection and the method of signalling intrusion both locally and, in most cases, to our Alarm Receiving Centre ( ARC )




We specify and install both wired and the latest radio controlled systems ( using radio frequency connection to detection zones rather than wires ). We install control systems manufactured by market leaders.

Control systems are installed with security levels, methods of setting and switching off, potential system expansion and event log information in mind.



Choice, positioning and method of detection is paramount. This will be based on whether you wish to detect intrusion external to, at the perimeter of or within your property.

We will sit with you and design a detection system in tandem with the perceived security threat. One that also utilises equipment to negate potential false alarm activation.

Our design and resulting installation will be aimed at giving you the piece of mind that every time you walk out the door your property is covered with quality, reliable Webster Security & Fire detection.



The final link in the professional Webster Security & Fire security chain. Some clients install audible only systems ( no link to their mobile devices or an ARC ). The majority however want the assurance of an ARC ( Alarm Receiving Centre ) monitoring their premises 24/7 when system activated.

Once detected we want both the intruder and external sources to know that your system has activated and that action is being taken.

In the case of audible only systems we will advise you on the nature and level of sounders that should be installed.

When activation to an external source is a requirement we will again sit down with you and advice upon the best signalling method at your disposal in line with the security risk.

Secure signalling to an ARC or other external source may be by means of the mobile phone network, via the telephone network or by radio signal or a secure combination of more than one transmission medium.

Signalling that you have an intrusion is all important. With our expertise we will guide you to the decision that gives you that feeling of security that your home or business is professionally protected.

All system are installed and maintained to SSAIB insurance approved standards.