CCTV & Video Surveillance

There was a time when CCTV & video surveillance were a somewhat sketchy affair. Images were often rather grainy, making it extremely difficult not only to identify individuals but also to clearly see what they were doing. Thankfully, those days are long gone now, because cameras and monitoring equipment are capable of producing images with pin-point accuracy.

And it’s worth noting that, not so many years ago, the price of modern technology was significantly higher despite the quality being nowhere near the levels we have now. These days, you can have more cameras for your outlay, each working to the highest standards at all times, giving you a degree of protection that you may not have thought possible.

Webster Security & Fire supply, install and maintain a comprehensive range of CCTV & video surveillance equipment for both residential and commercial properties. We have years of experience in this field, so we can advise you on the best systems, the most effective products and, often a crucial factor, where best to site your cameras.

For both home and business usage, the best starting point for the client is a site visit from our specialists. We can discuss your needs in greater detail, we can review the areas that need to covered and can draw up a solution that matches all your requirements. There are a number of options that will need to be taken into consideration before agreeing on a specific design.

Issues that should be considered include:

  • Do you need clear vision both during the day and at night?
  • How long should images be kept on your system?
  • Will fixed cameras be best or will you need pan, tilt and zoom operations?
  • Will you require remote viewing operations via phones and tablets?

…and more. You may also want to think about having a brand new system installed or simply an update on your existing one. As always, our experienced and knowledgeable team will be able to advise you on the plus and minus points of each option.

This is a sector that has been transformed by the latest technological advances, and it will continue to improve in the coming years as well. Whether you are looking for more security for your home or for a large and complex industrial premises, you need to know that your investment is a wise one. We’re here to guide you from the start, so call today on 01382 330 606 to find out more. A brighter – and much clearer – future awaits!

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