Access Controls

Advances in technology have changed our lives dramatically over the past decade or more, from the way we communicate to how we work, from the entertainment options we have available to the way we get from A to B. Here in the Digital Age, changes are constantly just around the corner, so the business world is always having to react.

The same applies, as you might expect, in the world of access control. Whether you own or operate a block of flats, a school, a business park, a campus or a public utility, you can finally have the type of access control that you’ve always wanted. Fully interactive, instantly programmable and easy to adapt, the finest, most user-friendly systems are no longer a figment of the imagination.

Here at Webster Security & Fire, we supply, install and maintain state of the art access control systems for a diverse range of properties. They can be relatively simple, such as audio entry systems for individual vehicle barriers, or they can be complex, sophisticated networks that allow you to control who can go where at any time of day or night.

Systems can include entry codes, key fobs, swipe cards, or fingerprint and face recognition processes. You can easily allow access for certain individuals and not others, and even control who can open specific doors on relevant days only. Controllers can also operate doors, gates and barriers remotely while viewing monitors, so you know who is trying to gain access at any given moment.

It all starts with a chat

Our installation process begins with a consultation with the client and a site visit. If you have a rough idea of what you want but are uncertain of the finer points, we’ll work with you to make sure the system you order ticks all the right boxes. Webster Security & Fire will only start the installation when the client is 100% satisfied with the overall project.

We also offer fast, effective maintenance options designed to make sure your system works to the best of its abilities. We’re happy to carry out one-off issues and, should you want the ultimate peace of mind, we can arrange a regular maintenance programme that can fit in with your calendar schedule. And it’s worth pointing out that we can maintain your system even if it wasn’t supplied or fitted by us.

Our team also work hand in hand with domestic clients who are looking for effective access control into their homes. This can include video monitoring at the doorstep and remote entry through external doors as and when required. Features such as these can easily be operated via an app on your phone, or via a control panel within the property.

To find out more about access control options for the home and business, have a friendly, no obligation chat with the team from Webster Security & Fire. We’re happy to provide with all the information you need, and to arrange a home visit to ascertain your exact requirements. Just use the online form on our Contact page or call today on 01382 330 606. We hope you’ll get in touch soon.

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